Close To One-Thousand

This game is played with cards in HOSTS classrooms all across America. Eight cards are dealt out to the player who then chooses the six best cards according to the rules below. Good luck!
9 * 7 2 7 4 2 *

Rules: Create two three-digit numbers from the values displayed above. Asterisks represent wildcard values. You may enter a one-digit value of your choice for each asterisk in the set above. (No result set will ever contain more than two wildcard values). Make your choice such that the two numbers, when added together, come as close to 1000 as possible. If your sum comes to 1000 exactly, you achieve a perfect score. A sum of 999 or 1001 results in a score of one. A sum of 998 or 1002 results in a score of two, etc. The player with the lowest score wins.

You are playing against the computer. But this program is designed to always find the combination which results in the lowest score, so you can't actually beat the computer. Your challenge is to not let the computer beat you.

NOTE: If you don't like your ''cards'', you can always click on your browser's 'Refresh' button or here to get dealt a new hand. Or, if this pages bores you, try this one instead!