Cherokee-Script Projects:

I have several Cherokee-script projects up and running. A short description of each is listed below along with links to the various pages.
  1. Your Name in: Cherokee - Japanese kanas - Arabic script - Russian (Cyrillic script) - Inuktikut (Cree Syllabics)

    These web apps take Anglo names as input which they then output in the respective foreign script.

  2. The Cherokee Syllabary in Sequoyah's own Handwriting:

    Click here or on the title to access this page. This page contains several common Cherokee words and short sentences written out in the Cherokee syllabary in Sequoyah's own handwriting as found in a historic document from the Cherokee museum in Oklahoma.

  3. A Proposed System of Auxiliary (Diacritic) Markers to Aid Children and Adult Learners in Mastering Cherokee Script: (Updated Sept. 24th, 1999)

    Access this page by clicking here or on the title. This is version 1.0 as the section on pitch is now finished. So check it out! I do still need a couple of .WAV files (short one-word pronunciation examples) which I'm hoping I can get some nice person (a native speaker of Cherokee) to record for me and mail to me.

  4. Phonetic Typewriter for Cherokee Script

    Don't want to learn a whole new keyboard layout in order to be able to type in Cherokee? Use my automatic script converter to convert your phonetic texts into actual encoded Cherokee. You may need to install a font on your system in order to see the output in Cherokee. Although there is also a GIFs option for those who don't need actual encoded text but merely desire to see what Cherokee script looks like. Visit Alan Wood's Unicode resources site for a list of fonts available for displaying Cherokee script.

    The purpose of the above-mentioned program is to encourage native speakers of Cherokee to write in their native language and to assist them in this endeavour. Please let me know what I can do to make the program more useful:

  5. On-Line Cherokee Dictionary:

    White Dove originally put together this dictionary. I have converted it so that it displays single-character .GIFs in the Cherokee field. As a result, it loads much faster now. I have plans to substantially increase the listings using new data from White Dove which I haven't yet had a chance to look at.

    I really hope these tools will contribute in some small way toward the blossoming forth of literature among the Cherokees in modern times as it once did in the past. This is happening now among the Tohono O'odham of Arizona where authors like Ofelia Zepeda have worked hard to craft their native language into poems and stories that relate the unique experience of being a Tohono O'odham to others of their tribe and to the world. Cherokee is unique among Native American languages in that it has its own indigenous script. In other words, it's designed to be written down. You who have lived in the twentieth century are a living link between the Cherokees of old and those who will come in the future. I hope you will consider writing down your personal experiences and what you know of the old ways and of Cherokee history for your descendants.
Thanks for dropping by! Check back soon for updates.

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